Sterlet caviar

by caviar Posted on October 22, 2016

It is hard to say no to caviar. Once you try this wonderful delicacy, it is already impossible to just forget the taste.

Any manufacturer of caviar is proud to have Sterlet caviar in their range of products. It is significantly lower in price therefore more affordable. This product perfectly completes our assortment of caviar.

Primarily it can be distinguished from other by it’s unusual size. The eggs of this species a little smaller than other caviar. Their diameter is typically from 2.3 to 2 millimeters.

Sterlet caviar may sometimes be very soft, but appearance is not it’s main strengths. It’s sensitive eggs have either black or gray color. However, the taste of this caviar is really impressive – a strong and unforgettable taste, similar to the taste of wild sterlet. Sterlet caviar gives a bright, pronounced, strong and very pleasant aroma.

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