Caviar Sterlet Gift, 3x28g

Sterlet Caviar Gift
Sterlet Caviar Gift

Caviar Sterlet Gift, 3x28g


  • New Caviar flavor for UK market
  • 100% Natural
  • No taste enhancers
  • No colorants
  • No other additives
  • Pasteurised

Sterlet caviar may sometimes be very soft, but appearance is not it’s main strengths. It’s sensitive eggs have either black or gray color. However, the taste of this caviar is really impressive – a strong and unforgettable taste, similar to the taste of wild sterlet. Sterlet caviar gives a bright, pronounced, strong and very pleasant aroma.

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Product Description

Produced by : 

Acipencer ruthenus. Volgian population.

Origin   : 

Bred in aquaculture.

Grain colour :

From pale green to silvery grey

Grain size :

up to 1,5 mm

Taste  :     

Elegant flavor with a tender hint of nut

Ingredients :  

Caviar  of sterlet, salt

Storage temperature :

From -2 to -4 ℃

Data on food  :

Value per 100 gr: protein -29 g, fat -12 g

Data of energy :   

Value per 100gr : 224 kcal.

Shelf life :       

8 month

Keep refrigerated at all time :

From -2 to -4 ℃.

Opened jar keep at temperatures from 0 to +6 ℃ not more than 48 h.

Vacuum packed. Reared in aquaculture.

Production date see on the lid.


When producing caviar we use only salt and no other preservatives. Be attentive when choosing black caviar, study its contents, and keep to the storage conditions specified on the label and bon appétit!

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