Beluga Bester (Huso Ruthenus)

by caviar Posted on October 22, 2016

Beluga Bester (Huso Ruthenus) caviar is one of the multinational known caviar that represent a mix of two different species of sturgeons –  Female Beluga and Male Sterlet. It combines the advantages of both types. It is known that this fish can turn out a crop of eggs every two years therefore it is the perfect species for aquaculture of farms to raise for caviar. This type of surgeon was developed by a group of Russian scientists after a cross between the giant beluga and tiny sterlet.

The eggs are very large, they can reach 2,5 mm. This caviar provides a pure and elegant taste, with a firm texture and large eggs. His golden-gray color gives a harmonious and perfect savoriness.

Bester caviar is well known over the world for it’s nutty tones, salty and creamy flavors and distinctive characteristics such as uniform and shiny roe. The taste is very soft and gentle, this dish can satisfy even the most fastidious gourmet. Buy Beluga Bester caviar here

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